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Fri Jul 30 15:00:24 PDT 1999

>All good advice!  I must admit that for costuming purposes I make the back
>as neat as possible, and I'm a Virgo so that's pretty neat, but I don't get
>too obsessional.  I have the greatest admiration for those who can manage
>reversible blackwork!  I haven't yet tried it, I feel daunted just thinking
>about it...

1. Find a pattern that has no "floating" motifs - that is, everything is
attached.  A simple pattern is best, of course.

2. Take a long thread, and put a needle in both ends.  Pull one through the
cloth so the middle of the thread is in the cloth.  

3. Take a couple of stitches with one of your needles.  You will have
something like: - -

4. Take your other needle, and go though the same holes, and fill in the
middle.  You have ---

You have just done reversible Holbein stitch.  Now play with it...

5. Do a straight line by doing a few stitches with one needle, then the
other, and so on.
Then do zigzags.

6. Now try a simple pattern.  If you blackwork, you know that you divide it
into rows or "passes".  Just fill them in on both sides by alternating

Let me know if you try this, and if you have trouble at any point!  

Yes, of course I'm another Virgo.


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