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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Fri Jul 30 04:47:30 PDT 1999

>Ha!  don't think so...  the fact that I've got external plumbing doesn't 
>preclude me having a pretty dab hand with a needle...  blackwork, canvaswork, 
>padded polychrome stumpwork....

I just had this weird thought about embroidered actual plumbing covers:  a
needlepoint drain-trap tidy, a little lace doily for each faucet, my mind
just boggled here.  But I guess it's no worse than crocheted covers for the
toilet tank and cover, trimmed with crochet lace, and matching the crochet
toilet paper roll cover and the crochet Kleenex box cover.

BTW, there was an American football player who did needlepoint - big guy,
one of those players in the front line who tackle each other, named
Roosevelt Greer.  He made a big deal about this when he was famous, and may
have written a book about it. 

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