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Hi listers!

The set of three books by Larry Schmitt can also be purchased from Susan's Fiber Shop. The phone number there is (888) 603-4237.  Volumes one and two are  around $6.00 each, and volume three is around $16.00.  This set is highly recommended by everyone I know who nalbinds. This is probably because it's virtually the _only_ books on nalbinding. <g>  

There is also an article in NESAT III by Egon Hansen which is very good.  I have a copy of this and will be glad to share, but be forewarned that the photos are quite murky.  

As for the needles, they are really very easy to make. Just cut a wooden dowel, either 1/4 or 3/8, about 4" long. Taper one end into a smooth rounded point, and use a Dremel tool to make an "eye" in the other end. Sand it well. If you have a source of bone, that's good too.  My DH made mine from confiscated dog bones. They work very well and are perfect to take to re-enactments. You can also use big steel needles from any fabric store, again remembering to get ones that are not too sharp.  When I'm home, I use a big plastic needle.  Just remember to not have the end too sharp, because you don't want to split the ply of the yarn. It's very important to make good loops, so that the tension can even out. I'm not a very good knitter or crocheter, because I'm not good at keeping the tension even.  With nalbinding, that isn't crucial.  All you have to do is give it a gentle tug in each direction, and it works itself into nice even smooth loops.  The other neat thing about it is that it does not unravel.  This is good for me because I just toss whatever I'm making into the yarn basket and never worry about it falling apart. You can even cut it with scissors and it won't come undone.

>From what I understand, there will be nalbinding class(es) taught at Pennsic.  I really recommend taking them if you want to learn.  I've seen all of the books and written stuff, but if someone had not taught me a little bit, I probably would never have understood them.  It's just better to have a person to explain it.  It took me a couple of tries before I was really confident that I was starting correctly, but now I'm teaching others how to do it. 

Hope this helps.


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