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Sat Jul 31 14:14:38 PDT 1999

Subject: HNW Re: Can we get a reprint?
The English version of the book is The Art of Embroidery (also titled A
Pictorial History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller-Christensen; London:
Thames & Hudson, 1964.
It's rarely for sale for under US$350 and I've seen it as high as US$585
Kinko's ... will not copy anything that is copyrighted without written
permission to do so.  Hence, he checked the copyright status for me.
According to him this book is out of copyright unless it's been renewed.  To
find out if it's been renewed requires a form and takes 8-10 weeks.
 I am absolutely interested!!!!!! If it should turn out that this book is
really out of copyright, Please, please, please, have a copy for me made for
My address is
Donna Mann
107 Edgell St.
West Virginia
I have been trying to get my local library to ILL this book for me but they
have not. Their budget is only so much for ILL's and it is very hard to get
an ILL. Unfortunately many of my requests are low on the totem pole as many
are ILL from out of state libraries which costs them more.

I will gladly pay for copying and shipping just let me know.

Donna Mann
aka Philippa Graves
Barony of Blackstone Mountain

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