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Fri Jun 4 04:05:52 PDT 1999

Hi, all,

Some very wonderful, nice, kind people just gave me a gift certificate to
Bette S. Feinstein. :-D I came up with $775 worth of books that sound
interesting, but, unfortunately, the certificate wasn't for that much, so
I have to narrow down my list. Have any of you got any of the following
and could you let me know if they're any good and worth the money?

Thanks for your help.


Micheli: Designing with Italian Needlelace, $27.95
Leach: Drawn Fabric Embroidery, $40.00
Wark: Drawn Fabric Embroidery, $50.00
Pyman: Goldwork, revised & expanded, $15.95
Rogers: Illustrated History of Needlework Tools, $55.00
Paludan: Pomp and Poetry: Lace through 400 years, $32.50
Clabburn: Samplers, $11.95
Kliot: Teneriffe Lace, $12.00
Barber: Women's Work: the first 20,000 years, $13.00
Cavallo: Needlework, $35.00
Jones: History of Western Embroidery, $75.00
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