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Fri Jun 4 04:35:53 PDT 1999

>Clabburn: Samplers, $11.95
This book is good, but (as I recall from seeing it a few years ago) it has
no or almost no period examples (1600 + earlier).  

>Barber: Women's Work: the first 20,000 years, $13.00
This is an interesting book with a lot of good information.  I am not sure
that you need to own it, however.  You could ILL it and read it - am not
certain it would be a reference book you would use on an ongoing basis.

I'd suggest that you run to your nearest ILL librarian and see how many you
can get your hands on to look at.  I just got a fairly obscure book (on a
different topic) in less than a week after putting in my request.


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