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I have to say the Jones is increasingly hard to find in the UK and an
excellent book.  Anything by Clabburn is a good reference as well.

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>Hi, all,
>Some very wonderful, nice, kind people just gave me a gift certificate to
>Bette S. Feinstein. :-D I came up with $775 worth of books that sound
>interesting, but, unfortunately, the certificate wasn't for that much, so
>I have to narrow down my list. Have any of you got any of the following
>and could you let me know if they're any good and worth the money?
>Thanks for your help.
>Micheli: Designing with Italian Needlelace, $27.95
>Leach: Drawn Fabric Embroidery, $40.00
>Wark: Drawn Fabric Embroidery, $50.00
>Pyman: Goldwork, revised & expanded, $15.95
>Rogers: Illustrated History of Needlework Tools, $55.00
>Paludan: Pomp and Poetry: Lace through 400 years, $32.50
>Clabburn: Samplers, $11.95
>Kliot: Teneriffe Lace, $12.00
>Barber: Women's Work: the first 20,000 years, $13.00
>Cavallo: Needlework, $35.00
>Jones: History of Western Embroidery, $75.00
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