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<<_Waffen - und Kostumkunde_ 1977.
 Before I go to the library and try to track it down, does anyone know if
this reference is a magazine or some sort of an annual book?  The name
looks  German -- is it likely to be published in English?>>

Waffen und Kostumkunde is a German periodical (supposedly comes out twice a
year, I think, but in reality it's pretty flexible.)

Articles are published in the language they were written/submitted in, so
Janet's articles are in English.  In general, if the title of the article
is English, so is the article.

The smock article is well worth finding.

Janet Arnold's articles in Waffen und Kostumkunde:

"Three examples of late sixteenth and early seventeenth century neckwear",
in [Waffen-und Kostumkunde], Munich, vol. 15, part 2, 1973, pp 109 - 124.

"Elizabethan and Jacobean smocks and shirts" in [Waffen-und Kostumkunde],
Munich, vol. 19, part 2, 1977, pp 89 - 110.

"Two Early Seventeenth Century Fencing Doublets" in [Waffen-und
Kostumkunde], Munich, vol. 21, part 2, 1979, pp 107 - 120.

"An Early Seventeenth Century Woman's Riding Doublet or Cassock" in
[Waffen-und Kostumkunde], Munich, vol. 22, part 2, 1980, pp 113  - 128.

"A Woman's Doublet of about 1585" in [Waffen-und Kostumkunde], Munich, vol.
23, part 2, 1981, pp 132 - 142.

"A court mantua from the Haddington Collection in the Royal Museum of
Scotland, Ediburgh, in [Waffen-und Kostumkunde], Munich, vol. 28, part 1,
1986, pp 37 - 48.

"The Golden Gown of Queen Margareta in Uppsala Cathedral", long review with
evidence for redating from 1363 to c. 1469, in [Waffen-und Kostumkunde],
Munich, vol. 29, part 2, 1986, pp 148 - 151.

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