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Sun Jun 6 05:14:41 PDT 1999

On Fri, 04 Jun 1999 07:35:53 -0400 Carol Thomas <scbooks at>
>>Clabburn: Samplers, $11.95
>This book is good, but (as I recall from seeing it a few years ago) it 
>no or almost no period examples (1600 + earlier).  
>>Barber: Women's Work: the first 20,000 years, $13.00
>This is an interesting book with a lot of good information.  I am not 
>that you need to own it, however.  You could ILL it and read it - am 
>certain it would be a reference book you would use on an ongoing 
>I'd suggest that you run to your nearest ILL librarian and see how 
>many you
>can get your hands on to look at.  I just got a fairly obscure book 
>(on a
>different topic) in less than a week after putting in my request.


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