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debra dunbar felinebert at
Tue Jun 8 18:53:54 PDT 1999

Wow, I sent this so long ago I had to look it up to find out what my
original message had been about!  The inquiry was in reference to the Mary
Thomas book where she stated knitted garments could but "slit" and the cut
portion hemmed.  I always try to make my garments as seamless as possible
and the idea of cutting and hemming knitting as you would a yard of fabric
is really alien to me.

The reference to Victorian neatness on backsides was a result of
conversations from several people and a discussion on this list a year or so
ago that 12th century embroidery had what would have been considered "messy
backsides" by Victorian standards.  I don't know that this may have been
because embroidered sleeves etc. need to be reversable and therefore neat
where wall hangings whose backs never saw the light of day could be a little
messier.  Personally I think it was due to the crazy Victorian need to have
everything absolutely perfect.  Their armor reproductions are so precisely
and carefully made that the original 13th century pieces look careless in

Please don't take offense!  I love the way practical objects became works of
art (and am a little obsessive myself).

Deb Dunbar

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