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Danielle Ellem Danielle.Ellem at
Thu Jun 10 17:51:08 PDT 1999

Dear all,

My name is Danielle, and I'm new to the list!  I have been a member of the
Society for Creative Anachronisms for the past five years, and I have just
started out into the world of embroidery (having been busy learning to sew,
cooking and fighting)

My query concerns 15th century Burgundian/French embroidery, particularly
relating to tablecloths etc.  My partner has commissioned a chest bed for
me, and I would like to embroider a canopy for it.  I've only recently
joined a 15 century Burgundian household (having lived and breathed 12
century Norman for the past four years!) so I'm at a bit of a loss.  Does
anyone have any ideas where I can search for info?

Thanks in advance,
St Florian-de-la-Riviere, Lochac
(Brisbane, Australia)

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