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Ree Moorhead Pruehs rpruehs at
Sat Jun 12 19:17:04 PDT 1999

I passed on the query about Hungarian needlework to my usual textiles
resource, Ellen Anglin (in SCA, Elen Greenhand O.L.), and got this
response. Hope it helps.


>Sorry this has taken me a while- I have been very busy!
>    My understanding of most of the "Folk" costumes is that they are of
>fairy recent origin- 17th century or later.  The Victorians loved to
>classify, record, and be authorities on such things, and our modern Ideas of
>regional folk costume can be traced to books and drawings of this period.
>Look at the garment with a Victorian eye- does it have a silhouette or
>details that would appeal to Victorian romanticism?
>    Some of the garments may be proper for earlier times, but the forms may
>be simpler.  I think that Hungary had a lot of contact with the Turks (In
>some time periods).  Check out who the royalty of the period was related to-
>If a Queen came from France or Italy, it is likely that she would have
>brought fashions from her native land.  Court fashions may have mimicked
>those in other areas of Europe at that time, or they may have been
>influenced more by the east, depending on where the influence was.

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