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Mon Jun 21 06:45:22 PDT 1999

Thanks for posting this overview of Linn's Elizabethan Elegance class!  I'm
registered to take it in Sept. at Des Moines, and I've been wondering
exactly what we'd learn. I knew that I'd learn a lot, and am very happy to
have gotten into the class, but I didn't know about the gold, how much
material we'd be getting etc.  Thanks so much for helping me get through
the long months of anticipation in front of me.  If you have any hints
about what I might be able do to prepare before the class, please email me!
 Of course, there's that lack of free time thing, but I'll worry about that
later. :)

Have a good day,

At 04:44 PM 6/20/99 -0400, Rowena wrote:
>    I went just to take the courses from Linn, ... [snip]

>    Her course on blackwork on garments, and on Elizabethan coifs in
>particular, was wonderful.  She gave us all photos of blackwork on real
>garments at the V&A and other places she has been allowed to examine in
>detail, and photograph.   I was particularly happy to find that she has not
>once found a garment where it looks like the blackwork was counted.  She has
>numerous examples of where they were handsketched on first, and then
>embroidered,  and a LOT of examples of where the design was woodblock
>printed on, and then embroidered.   In other words, where they used
>transfers and just followed the lines.   She has an example -and had the
>photographs of! -where they actually have to different coifs done with the
>same stamped on pattern.  They are each just different enough....
>    After having done a partlet in blackwork on the finest cotton I could
>find,  and counted it!  , this was a particularly pleasing find.
>    She gave us enough 45-count linen, the finest she can now find, for me
>to get two of these caps out of it, if I am very careful on one of them.
>She gave us a LOT of black silk of different weights, and started us off on
>a fiber notebook with a lot of samples of silks, and fakes, and metallics
>and fakes.
>    SHE GAVE US REAL GOLD TO COUCH DOWN,  from the only source she has been
>able to find that sells stuff that is gold, not just 2% silver.   It sells
>by the gram, from over in Europe.   We didn't get much,  but she gave us
>enough to do some neat highlights on the coif.  And will order any of it for
>us, if we want more.     Silly me, of course I do!   Thoughts of running
>through Pennsic with this cap, showing it to people,  with real gold couched
>on it, while chuckling and muttering mine, mine!   did drift evilly through
>my head!
>    It was worth the 6 hour drive to Philadelphia, the tolls and the
>traffic,  just to talk to this lady.   Check out the Heart of Cross Stitch
>Festival,  and the Creative Arts & Textiles Festivals,  where she will be
>teaching, and GO if you can.
>NEXT YEAR.  Yes, I know I am shouting.   But her knowledge is worth trying
>to get some of us to pay attention,  and I would really, really like to
>learn what she knows on goldwork.
>Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh, Aethelmearc

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