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Mon Jun 21 13:46:51 PDT 1999

Dear Linn:

I am going nuts trying to find patterns for 16th-17th century lacis
squares-- not long borders or big designs ,but squares. The type that were
used, alternating, with squares of cutwork linen to make bedspread and
tablecovers in France and Italy. The Vinciolo is the only source I have
found (except for one pattern in John Taylor's "The Needle's Excellancy".)
I have gone backwards and forwards through my personal library and am now c
hafing at the lack of a good research library in my local area (one more
thing to add to my To Do List when I get back to Philadelphia or to the

I seem to recall you were collecting such pattterns, charting them from
museum originals. Are any of them available? I am realy puzzled -- the
needleworkers got their patterns from printed books but few of the period
booksI have seen (in facsimile) have nice square designs. So where are

I can scan, zoom in,and rechart some myself from photos of extant pieces, 
but I was hoping to find some already done (trans= I am too busy with
buying this house to stop right now and do it).

- --Kathryn
SCA:Kathryn Goodwyn
Too many centuries...too little time"
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