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Tue Jun 22 17:01:36 PDT 1999

Dear List:

Okay, where can I get ready made netting for lacis? I have a nice sized
piece I bought at a Lee Ward's (now Michael's) years ago. Once that's gone
where do I get more? Lacis's catalog from a year or so ago has some at 8
squares per  inch at $18.00 a yard (eekkk!) I will be checking out two
major craft stores this weekend but then -- what? I used to have an old
copy of a catalog from  Beggar's Lace, but I can't remember if they carried
machine made netting.

Can  anyone here recommend a good source? I am looking for, preferably, 8
to 10 squares per inch, but if 6 is all I can find, I'll settle (that's the
size I'm working on -- I just find it a tad coarse for my personal taste).
Once I get more comfortable with reprise stitch I'm hoping to try cloth
stitch. If that works out, then I'll try, someday, making my own net. Until
then, I need a good source for ready made netting.

I'd be grateful if someone would point me to a web site, catalog, etc.It's
hard to hold off on some things (I'm moving into a house of my own August

- --Kathryn
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