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Carl/Anne Adamczyk ladygrania at
Tue Jun 22 19:39:00 PDT 1999

I used some of the advice from Carol Ambuter's book, The Open Canvas, and
pulled alternating threads out of mono needlepoint canvas.  It requires
that you reweave the ends of the remaining filaments back into the mesh
and then over casting the entire mesh, a technique for which she gives
detailed instructions.  
It really doesn't take any longer than waiting for the arrival of mail
order and can be easily obtained. A 14 hpi mono will give you
approximately 7 squares/inch after withdrawing the threads.
The exact citation is The Open Canvas, Carolyn Ambuter, Workman
Publishing,  708 Broadway, New York, 10003.  ISBN: 0-89480-170-8.

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 20:01:36 -0400 Mike Newell <72123.411 at>
>Dear List:
>Okay, where can I get ready made netting for lacis? I have a nice 
>piece I bought at a Lee Ward's (now Michael's) years ago. Once that's 
>where do I get more? Lacis's catalog from a year or so ago has some at 
>squares per  inch at $18.00 a yard (eekkk!) I will be checking out 
>major craft stores this weekend but then -- what? I used to have an 
>copy of a catalog from  Beggar's Lace, but I can't remember if they 
>machine made netting.
>Can  anyone here recommend a good source? I am looking for, 
>preferably, 8
>to 10 squares per inch, but if 6 is all I can find, I'll settle 
>(that's the
>size I'm working on -- I just find it a tad coarse for my personal 
>Once I get more comfortable with reprise stitch I'm hoping to try 
>stitch. If that works out, then I'll try, someday, making my own net. 
>then, I need a good source for ready made netting.
>I'd be grateful if someone would point me to a web site, catalog, 
>hard to hold off on some things (I'm moving into a house of my own 
>SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
>"too many centuries...too little time"
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