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Fri Jun 25 03:40:13 PDT 1999

>Yup, they have a ovely website --only their prices tend to be um, er,
>pricey! <BG> I was hoping for a somewhat more reasonable source (I can

JoAnn's used to carry small pieces in bags.  They had a sale and I grabbed
a stack of them, thinking maybe I would put together a class on it some
time.  The "some time" list is pretty long, of course....  But anyway, it
is worth continuing to watch out as some may turn up at a better price.

>I was also deterred from lacis because I thought I would *have* to
use cloth stitch to get a good result, and I was tired of reading books
which mentioned how *neat* it was that it was so complicated. :-(  I seem
to constantly read about how the Renaissance ladies, who liked puzzles,
woudl enjoy figuring out how to make the thread come out to where they next
needed it. At the moment, being puzzle challenged, I am enjoying the
>simplicity of reprise stitch. 

Is reprise stitch done like the figure 8?  I must not have been paying
attention - did you find a documentation source on it?  I have also been
putting off learning cloth stitch - learned the do the solid fill in like a
figure 8 and enjoyed that.  But puzzles take concentration, which I've been
short on lately.  If there is documentation on something easier, I'd like
that a lot!


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