HNW - underside couching

Diane Hare hybrida at
Sun Jun 27 11:34:39 PDT 1999

broid at wrote:
> This is probably a dumb question, but when you do gold work underside
> couching to make diaper patterns,
> 1) do you do one thread at a time and couch your intervals along the
> length of that thread

rentre couching: one thread at a time 
(surface couching over pairs of theads)

> or
> 2) lay all the gold thread down at once and couch horizontally across
> them?
> I.e., if your gold thread is laid |||, would the couching thread on the
> back of the work also look like ||| or would it be this way ===?

Mine looks like ||| with rentre couching
(and /// on the back of surface couching)

It would be very, very difficult to "lay all the gold thread down at once" on
a surface-couched spiral, IMO impossible with with rentre couching. Granted,
once would seldom use curved diaper patterns, but what I learned from complex
applications has worked well on simpler ones.

Hibrida Longhair
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