HNW - underside couching

Larsdatter, Karen Karen at
Sun Jun 27 13:47:49 PDT 1999

Usually when I do underside couching, I lay a row of the gold down, 
and using the couching thread (the thing that goes underneath -- for 
which I generally use something that's a similar color to the metal 
thread that's being couched on the top, or if that's impossible, 
something that's the color of the base fabric) I come up through the 
fabric, loop the thread over the metal, come back through the fabric 
in the same hole that I came up through, and, holding onto the 
metal so that it stays even, pop it through the cloth just a little 

While this technique isn't terribly true to the concept of underside 
couching, it does give the same result, gives you a more even top 
surface, and works even with relatively stiff metallics.

That's my technique, at least ... your mileage may vary ;)

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