HNW - Heart of Cross Stitch Festival

Rowena rowena at
Mon Jun 28 14:02:50 PDT 1999

> Rowena/Anne:
> What a super time I had a Cherry Hill and Atlanta this past two weeks.  A
> great bunch of enthusiastic stitchers with great skills.  You all inspired
> me to no end.
> It was a special pleasure to see Rowena plot a coif on a doodle cloth <G>
> was so careful to give everyone enough fabric to have heaps of finishing
> space and there she was plotting away and managed to get an entire coif
> the extra linen

    Hey, it's not bad.   And there is a Lady I hold in high esteem who makes
great clothes (got her Laurel for Elizabethan, which in the East takes a
LOT),  but can't embroider at all.   I can practice, and she'll get a
present she will truly value.  I figure I win all the way around!

    It is hot and steamy up here,  so even though I survived the end of the
school year,  I'm getting nothing done that I should be.  Two canvas
pavilions, a bunch of banners,  a lot of clothes to sell at Pennsic....
sigh.  The only things I have accomplished are finally vacuuming the living
room,  finishing a xstitch present of ABC images for friends who had a baby
this spring   (and I don't want to do ANYTHING for a while that involves
just x after x!),  and some stitching on that coif.
    I have to be very careful - the stuff I traced onto the coif does rub
off very easily!
    You are SO invigorating about what I wanted to do.  I was right, you
were the equivalent of a spank to get me going on a project I wanted to do
for years, but just never got around to.     If you ever need a housekeep
for the summer, I volunteer!


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