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Penny Ladnier penny.creative.outlets at
Mon Jun 28 15:24:12 PDT 1999

Hi, I am new to the list and I have used every excused to keep from getting
on it.  Yes, I am a needlework addict.   I have been working needlework
since I was four (it is a passion).  I do everything but knitting,
embroidery is my favorite.  I have been blessed to examine some very fine
samples of needlework in some museums (a story for another day).

I am very excited to share with you my latest adventure.  I own a very large
website and have been creating a section called Vintage Publications .  This is an
educational site with original fashion articles from past publications (all
out of copyright).  I was working on a 1908 McCall's and ran across a page
of embroidery patterns.  All the patterns were about 1.5 inches tall.  I
scanned, enlarged, and enhanced the patterns.  They are all 8" X 10" and can
be printed off the webpage, .  I want
people to be able to use these beautiful patterns.  When I finished working
on the embroidery patterns, I started working on an article about blouses
called Guimpes.  After a close look, I noticed that the previous mentioned
embroidery patterns were on the blouses.  So I added the blouses to the
embroidery webpage.  Later on, I worked on an article about Jumper dresses
and the models were wearing the embroidered blouses with the jumpers.  So if
you were a woman of 1908 and bought this magazine, you could make a complete

Anyways, please look at the Vintage Publications site.  I have some crochet,
tatting, and knitting patterns and directions on it, too.  If you make
anything from these patterns, please let me know.  I'd love to see how they
turned out!

Later...Penny Ladnier
The Costume Gallery

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