HNW - filet lace supplies - post address please?

Mike Newell 72123.411 at
Tue Jun 29 12:15:15 PDT 1999

Dear List:

The American Needlewoman
PO Box 6472
Fort Worth, TX  76115
phone if using credit card: 1-800-433-2231

Catalog says $2.00 on the cover, but I've been on their mailing list for so
long that I don't  know if you really need to pay for the catalog.The itemI
ordered was from catalog 151A (1999) on p.60:

059-21599, netting, 48 x 72"   $7.49 a yard
machine washable

They are not using computers,so be patient.The woman who took my order put
me on hold to go look at the netting (I was worried that it had round holes
but she assures me it's square netted). She also assured  me they fill
orders fast enough so I should not have to go to the expense of rush

FYI-- anyone who wants to try this easy technique. I use a wooden hoop (you
can't do that witih hand knotted net). I tried using DMC perle cotton Size
5, which works quite beautifully, only it's a tad glossy for my tastes. I
tried using bedspread crochet cotton, size 10, but it's really worth the
extra money to get the DMC Cebelia, size 10. Lovely to work with! I am
packing the reprise stitch in to make a very solid block, and it's rather

- --Kathryn
SCA:  Kathryn Goodwyn
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