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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue Jun 29 14:58:59 PDT 1999

>Hello.  I'm going to Ireland and Southern England in
>the fall.  I dearly wish I could get to Hardwick
>Hall, but alas, I won't be that far north.  Can
>recommend places to see medieval and renaissance
>needlework, _especially_ needlepoint/canvas work? 
>Kristen Morgaine Sieber
>lady_gawain at

The Victoria and Albert in London has tent stitch, and a wide variety of
other types in their collection.  There are pieces on open display, but
also a room with many pieces behind glass.  Pick out what you want to look
at, carry it to a special table and drool!  

Take a camera and some way to stabilize it for taking pictures in ordinary
room light (like a bag of rice that you can set on the tops of 2 chairs
pushed back to back, and set the camera on that).


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