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Dear Danielle

The title of the event is

"Embroidery 2000
An International Stitched Textile Conference"
7 to 14 April 2000

The Convenor is Diane Martin
Her email address is d-martin at

The package detailing everything costs NZD25.00 about USD$14.00 to have sent
to you.

The address for sending Visa/MasterCard details is

P O Box 62074
Sylvia Park
New Zealand

Diane's fax number is 6495790371
Her phone number is 6495277194

Take some vitamin pills before arriving as the pace may be frantic!


Prue Georgeson
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>>>Have you heard of the Embroidery 2000 International Stitched Textile
>>>Conference in Auckland 7 - 14 April, 2000. I have just received my
>>>registration booklet and there are going to be fantastic classes
>Can anyone tell me where I can get a hold of the registration booklet?
>sounds to good to miss!
>Daniell Ellem
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