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Wed Jun 30 12:50:41 PDT 1999


If it's real, knock-your-socks-off lace, by all means wear cotton gloves and do
all the other things to make sure it's preserved.  If it's just really cool,
display it!  For instance, I have a filet tablecloth (probably 1920's) which I
use for formal dinners.

It's had red wine and cranberry sauce spilled on it, and I don't cry - I just
handwash it and put it back in the linen drawer.  It's not a great example of
any style and it's not that old.  If it were made in 1810, though...  I wouldn't
keep it.  I don't have the facilities to store it properly, and would probably
give it to our local museum.  They have a good textiles conservationist (no, no
real lace, sorry!).

So, of _course_ display it!  The most you'll lose financially is $15 and you'll
get much delight out of it.  (Sorry, I thought you were buying it for

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