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Wed Jun 30 13:08:35 PDT 1999

>To be honest, I thought to display  the lacis  on my eventual
>sideboard--the antique store has it on an antique sideboard with dishes on
>it, so I'll have to remove a lot of items to get the runner out from
>under.. From your reaction I gather I  shouldn't.. Oh, well.

[crawling up onto the soapbox]

Yes, storing the piece of lace rolled with acid free paper is the best way
of preserving it if you intend to use the piece as an investment.

However, you need to decide if you want the piece as an investment or as a
decoration for your home.

If you love the piece and want to see it, for heaven's sake, please DO!  If
it's too fragile that you only want the pattern, that's okay, too.  

I have several different things I've gotten at antique shops, table linens
among them, and I use them all the time.  They weren't expensive and I
enjoy using them.  So I do.

[climbing off the soapbox and hoping I didn't offend]


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