HNW - OT: Are you near the Kuntshistorichesmuseum, Vie

Charlene Charette charlene at
Sat May 1 23:40:51 PDT 1999

> Would you be willing to trade information on where you sent your
> request? I've been trying to find either a photo or a poster of the
> painting of Anne of Austria that the museum carries but no luck so
> far.
> Kassandra NickKraken

Oh dear, this is *ages* old and I found it in my "send info" folder..  In case
it's still useful, here is the information my friend sent to me.

- --Charlene

The return address on the heavy-duty envelope is:
Kunsthistorisches Museum
A-1010 Wien 1
Burgring 5
(Vienna, Austria)

Below that is:
Telefon 521 77 Dw 414 oder 410

I assume, but don't know, that that's their telephone number, but I'm not sure
about the Dw and the oder.

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