HNW - Hardanger Embroidery

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Mon May 3 07:06:41 PDT 1999

Thank you to all who responded concerning Hardanger Embroidery.  I am
still confused, but now I have more books referenced to look up and
continue to research.  

I was not aware that this was not just an SCA list, so using "period" in
my original question, "was hardanger period", may have confused some
people.  'Period' - would be prior to 1650,preferably,prior to 1600.

>From the response I got it would appear that Hardanger is not period,
although it has roots in cutwork, cutwork it not what I'm interested in.
I will try to get hold of some of the reading material that people
listed and see if I can get a definite answer, and if at anytime someone
comes up with any other book titles, please send it onto the list. 

thanks again, pearl

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> Dear Charlene:
> <There was an article on Hardanger in Piecework magazine not long ago
> (within the last year?).  I believe the author put it at around 1650. 
> Anyone happen to have the citation handy?>
> Yes, but the author just  baldly stated the f act-- no documentation,
> back
> up, etc. Not what I would call research! Reminds me of some Victorian
> costume and needlework "scholars".....
> --Kathryn
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> "too many centuries...too little time"
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