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On Mon, 03 May 1999 14:24:11 PDT "pat fee" <lcatherinemc at>
  My friend still wants to know why she 
>use the aida for a project if the design, such as Blachwork, an all 
>design is used.  I think whats she wants to know is are there any 
>against it.  I told her that I think it could pass is she wanted to us 
>it as 
>part of her garb, but that it would be rejected as an A&S entry.
>Thanks again,

I always keep aida that I pick up really cheap on sale for people to try
a first project. I hate the stuff, but it is easy to use! Then I give
them a piece of 28 to 40 count linen (depending on their expertise and/or
eyesight) for their second project. In my experience, they never go back
to aida.

As far as the A & S entry ... depends on the competition and the judge.
If the competition encourages novice entries, the aida will probably get
a better reception than it would at other competitions. When I judge
embroidery, if the embroider documents that aida is not period, but this
was a first attempt and next time they promise to use linen, I'm usually
not too harsh. :-) I'll take off a point or two for inauthentic
materials, but if the work is well done,  I won't kill it just because of
the aida. 

But, if she's an experienced stitcher, she might want to try her first
project on linen anyway. Aida isn't the same weight as most of the garb
she would want to use the piece on, so she'd be better off using a piece
of the linen that the rest of the chemise (for example) is going to be
made with. In my opinion, anyway. Have her try a small square on both
aida and linen, then make up her mind what to use.

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