HNW - Lacis squares

Lori Martell redek at
Tue May 4 07:34:57 PDT 1999

>If one wishes to go by
>the many  needlework pattern books, then I'd say lacis, which is a darned
>net embroidery. The patterns were also used for cross stitch (because there
>are surviving examples) but lacis seems to have been *really* popular. They
>were often worked as squares, in a small frame easily held in the hand,then
>joined up to make table covers, bed curtains, etc. I've seen quotes in some
>books about Catherine de Medici leaving vast numbers of squares when she
>died, as well as bed curtains made up from squares that had been made up.

Do you happen to remember which books you may have seen these in?  I would
really enjoy reading about these  :)  I make the netting now and would
enjoy stitching upon it.


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