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Tue May 4 10:15:24 PDT 1999

yes, regalia can be sewn.

regalia is anything that belongs to the  reigning 'king and queen',
reigning baron/ess, etc.  its not theirs to personally keep but must be
passed on to the next reigning 'whoever'.  crowns, thrones, etc. are
regalia.  However, cushions for them to sit on, for people to kneel on,
are regalia.  capes, especially if you put on the kingdom device.  some
clothing (if its passed on)- one size fits all.  before you start to
make something, you might ask whoever is in charge (senechal ? -
reigning whoever) what they feel they would need.   

you could also make small things that the reigning whoever can give as

hope this helps.


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> Hello out there
> this is my first posting to your list so if I make any mistakes feel
> free to constructively critise (I'm happiest when I'm learning!).
> For those experienced SCAers out there I have a question.
> What is regalia? Can you sew it? More to the point can I sew it?, or
> are there rules about who does what?
> Im finally going to get to join a shire this year and they are going
> to be starting pretty much from scratch.I'm new to all this myself and
> since my main skills are sewing and cooking related I thought this
> might be a good way to help out.
> Any other ideas on things I could make to get things ready for them
> would also be greatly appreciated.
> Yours Kat Gravenor
> PS I'm already doing some kingdom badges for the dragonneedle
> embroidery guild
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