HNW - Blackwork (was: Hardanger Embroidery)

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Tue May 4 10:22:44 PDT 1999

Thanks for all your help.  My friend tried to use the linnen last night, but 
for her it didn't work out.  she couldn't seem to keep the stiches the same 
length.  Will try  the Hardanger cloth.  I need to find projects that will 
keep her interested and focased.  Could you sugest some suitable beginer 
projects, that could be entered as a novice work?  There is a need to keep 
costs down also.
Thank you

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>Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 11:36:42 EDT
>If you're just starting out, you might try working on Hardanger fabric 22
>count for practice. Proportionally, your patterns will come out a nice
>size for accessorizing Elizabethan garb etc. Linen is of course best for
>blackwork but difficult to work for some.
>The fabric is blocked, but it's much more subtle than Aida, being more
>closely woven.
>					Arlys
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