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Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Tue May 4 12:26:56 PDT 1999

>Thank you.  If I want to make a shirt with blackwork cuffs and collars,
>would the best period-correct approximation be to buy good-quality
>sewing linen and work the blackwork freehand over it, concentrating on
>keeping the motifs even in size rather than on the number of threads
>under each stitch?

For an SCA sort of answer I bow to those who are familiar with the
organization's requirements.  As an embroidery historian, I would say - yes
this is the solution I would use.  I do teach period blackwork on 45 count
linen because students are more comfortable counting threads, but I don't
personally believe it is necessary when reproducing costume.

Linn Skinner
Skinner Sisters
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