HNW - Hardanger Embroidery

Carl/Anne Adamczyk ladygrania at
Mon May 3 14:20:46 PDT 1999

Regarding the use of Aida cloth vs linen, wool, silk etc. being not

Even weave linen and the other period background fabrics tend to be in a 
prohibitive price range for many of  us.  I would be inclined to spend
the $50/60 per yard for these fabrics if I was  planning and executing a
masterwork towards a tangible goal such as Needlemistress in the The
Keepers of Athena's Thimble, the guild of needleworkers in the East
Kingdom.  I would be hard pressed to spend such money for many other

The question, then, becomes "how does one document the use of a less than
period fabric, when confronted with the prohibitive price of truly period
fabrics, and justify it in the  face of overly picky judges in a

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