HNW - Linen evenweave? or cotton?

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue May 4 17:28:51 PDT 1999

>I'm not a whiz on fibres. I bought (and am happy working with) a 28 count
>fabric that claims  be linen. The  bolt said "100% linen". However -- it
>only cost $10/yard.

This is not foolproof, but I find it helpful.

1. Take a handful and bunch it hard in your fist.  If you have any cotton
of similar weight, do the same to it.

If it does not wrinkle, or not much, it is rayon, probably.
If it forms deep and distinct wrinkles: linen, or linen-cotton or other
blend with mostly linen.
Cotton will form smaller, sharper, less deep wrinkles.

2. Take a thread, dampen it and pull.  Linen thread is very strong for its
size.  Cotton & rayon have shorter fibres, and are weaker.

3. Take a thread and pull the fibres out.  Long?  Short?  Linen, long;
cotton or rayon, short & may be fuzzy.

I like these tests as they can be done in the store.

Hope you got a great deal on real linen!


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