HNW - Lacis squares (long)

Lori Martell redek at
Tue May 4 21:03:52 PDT 1999

>Your curiosity about quotes in needlework books re lacis squares sent me
>scurrying to my bookshelf. Here is a fairly short and annotated list (not
>in alphabetical order -- sorry):

This was a wonderful listing.  I thank you for the time that you put into
it for all of us!  You also added to my list of "Must Get Books!"  :)

>Levey, Santina, "Lace: A History", V& A Museum (W.S. Maney &Son,
>Ltd),England, 1983.
>You need to really look at this magnificent book -- there are several
>reproduced portraits of ladies with lacis partlets. Ms. Levey mentions that
> most lacis survives as tablecloths, runners, etc, but that portraiture
>shows evidence for it being used on dress.

I really want this book  :)

>Your query has taught me two things while running this information down.
>(1) lacis was sometimes done in color, and (2) it was used on costume.
>Thank you for teaching me by making me run to my books!

Only happy to oblige!  

>What do you use as a frame? I am *years* behind on needle lace, myself. I
>was thinking of making  my own frame by winding wire around 4 nails set in
>a square, then wrapping the wire around with sturdy thread.

I haven't yet done any stitching on the netting but my lord is very handy
and I"m sure that he will put something together that I can use...  I'm
kind of a glutton though and may even try to stitch in hand...  I"ll have
to try things out and see what the "feel" is...

You frame sounds very do-able...  I"m going to do some hunting and see what
I can find.  I remember seeing a frame and netting stand in a  german
book..  I"ll see if I can find my reference and send it along if you are

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