HNW - Blackwork thread counts rmwarlow at
Wed May 5 02:55:45 PDT 1999

Just a thought...
I saw a gentleman sewing blackwork cuffs and collar at the 20th Year Celebration
of the SCA.  He handsewed them onto a shirt which he made separately before the
event.  The fabrics were similar but the cuff he was sewing while I watched
seemed marginally more even.
Good luck with the sewing.
Marit the Wanderer

Betsy Perry wrote:

> Thank you.  If I want to make a shirt with blackwork cuffs and collars,
> would the best period-correct approximation be to buy good-quality
> sewing linen and work the blackwork freehand over it, concentrating on
> keeping the motifs even in size rather than on the number of threads
> under each stitch?  (This would be a relief, actually; the thought of
> buying embroiderer's high-count linen in shirt yardages made me pale.)

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