HNW - Re: Linen evenweave? or cotton?

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Wed May 5 04:52:40 PDT 1999

>counted-thread work on non-even

Another approach to the non-even weave problem is to document period pieces
on uneven cloth.  There is a boy's shirt, 15th c., in the V&A which has
rectangular cross-stitches on it.  It is a favorite of mine because I took
the columbine from it and used it on my device.

I realized it was non-even weave when I was trying to graph the pattern and
was going nuts.  The enlargement I was using was fuzzy, and I was
extrapolating the stitchs and having trouble.  Once I realized that the
stitches weren't square, I got it to work.  The shape of the columbine is
quite different on even-weave cloth, once I had a chance to do it myself.


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