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You mentioned a catalogs from  Scarlet Letter and Essemplaire. Could you 
please post the addresses for these or hopefully the URLs

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>Dear Elizabeth:
><If surviving Elizabethan blackwork embroideries were on 40-60 count linen,
>were they generally worked over four?  (Over *gulp* one?)>
>From what I undestand, the work was often done over 3 (if working, say, on
>60  count linen). I recenty received catalogs from Scarlet Letter and
>Essemplaire. Imagine my chagrin at having kits with 35 count linen stated
>at being "easy, beginner"., even the ones that say to use tent stitch over
>one thread. :-O   (why don't I just throw my embroidery  hoop away and take
>up  basket weaving??)
>SCA:  Kathryn Goodyn
>"too many centuries...too little time"
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