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  Get "strecher bars"  Used for streching canvas for fine art painting.  
They sell them at Michaels and Arron Brothers ect.  Knock them togather to 
make your small square.

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>Dear Lori:
><I haven't yet done any stitching on the netting but my lord is very handy
>and I"m sure that he will put something together that I can use..>
>Oh. I did't realize you were actually making your own netting -- I thought
>you were doing the lacis. I have a starter ekit I bought years ago at a
>craft store with modern machine made net. I just don't seem to get around
>to doing it. The reprise stitch seems easy enough -- it's the toile or
>cloth stitch which scares me. The diagrams that show how to do the stitch
>make my eyes cross.
>< I remember seeing a frame and netting stand in a  german book..  I"ll see
>if I can find my reference and send it along if you are interested.>
>Sure -- I'd love to see what is available.  If it lookslike my idea for a
>frame, then I'll make my own (I just cant' seem to find small square
>picture frames, which was someone's suggestion).
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