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Wed May 5 20:24:21 PDT 1999

In a message dated 99-05-04 22:54:12 EDT, Deb Dunbar said:

<<  The Thomas book also mentioned actually cutting the knitting and turning 
it under in a hem to open up necklines, etc.  This is a sacrilege!  I always 
go crazy trying to make garments as seamless as possible.  Is this like the 
Victorian insanity over neat backsides to embroidery?  Any idea if they 
actually cut the knitted piece and hemmed it in the middle ages? >>

For some things, they just about had to, since knitting was done in the 
round. And many ethnic traditions still do -- like the "steeks" in 
traditional fair-isle work, for instance.

Jo Anne

p.s. it doesn't hurt so much the fifth or sixth time you do it . . .
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