HNW - Embroidering Damask?

Joanna Keenan Joanna.Keenan at
Thu May 6 22:30:37 PDT 1999

At 22:24 6/05/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Although I have absolutely no idea on documentation, I did embroider the
>damask pattern on the bodice of an Italian Renaissance dress.  I did the
>flowered pattern in a variety of pastel shades (satin stitch, since I am not
>the worlds greatest embroiderer) and put pearls in the center.  Looks great;
>I highly recommend it!
>Deb Dunbar

There's a sort of received wisdom about in the SCA that you can do this
stuff with beads and embroidery on an existing pattern on fabric, so when I
made an early 16thC Italian dress in a damask fabric I wanted to do it, and
thought I'd try and find a portrait showing this sort of thing to see how
it was really done.

I found none. God knows how many potraits I looked at. By branching out
into 15th C Italian and 16th in other places (esp English) I found quite a
few examples of beading and embroidery done on what was initialy plain
fabric, but still none on fabric with a pre-existing pattern such as damask.

Perhaps it was valued to much for itself?

If anyone has found any period examples I'd love to hear about it.


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