HNW - Embroidering Damask

Joanna Keenan Joanna.Keenan at
Fri May 7 02:50:19 PDT 1999

At 01:22 7/05/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Although I can find no examples of embroidered damask before its popularity
>in the late 19th century (primarily for ecclesiastic embroidery), it might
>be helpful to note that voided silk velvet fabrics were lavishly embroidered
>very early on (15th century) and then fabrics themselves were brocaded with
>metallic threads in the 16th century.
>There are some nice examples of the velvets on page 157 of Philippa Scott's
>book "The Book of Silk"

I'd love to get hold of this book. Are the examples decorative bands or all
all-over patterns?

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