HNW - Embroidering Damask?

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Fri May 7 20:15:11 PDT 1999

It is "fluffy" roses (like the David Austin kind) in sets of three with some
leaves and stems attached.  The pattern is rotated slightly to give it a
random effect.  To be honest, this is cheap damask that I've seen in nearly
every Joanne Fabrics.  It's not real silk, but some poly blend.  I know I
put in alot of work on "cheesey" material, but I did it in my first year of
SCA and didn't think about the fabric.  It looks fantastic, but I'd never
enter it for fear I'd get slammed on the fabric and cotton embroidery

Deb Dunbar
(Baroness Rhiall of Wystanesdon)
alias "Wrynne"
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>What Is the damask pattern?
>>From: "debra dunbar" <felinebert at>
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>>To: <H-Needlework at Ansteorra.ORG>
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>>Although I have absolutely no idea on documentation, I did embroider the
>>damask pattern on the bodice of an Italian Renaissance dress.  I did the
>>flowered pattern in a variety of pastel shades (satin stitch, since I am
>>the worlds greatest embroiderer) and put pearls in the center.  Looks
>>I highly recommend it!
>>Deb Dunbar
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