HNW - floss substitute-cotton or rayon?

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Opus anglicanum is English work.  It was the height of English
embrodery.  The height of English work was in the 12th century.  A
couple of the really fine examples include the Jesse Cope and the Sion
Cope in the V&A.  It is done prinmarly in Split stitch and UnderSide

Or Nue is later and was centered on the continent.  The finest example
are the Golden Fleece vestments in Vienna.  This is a later style and
can be equated to painting with a needle.  Pictures were created by
couching silk on Gold.  The shading was created by spacing the couching
threads on the gold, lighter had more space and darker was closer
together.  The height of Or Nue was the 15th - 16th century.

Valerie Frazier
(Letitia de Scotia)

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>Please excuse my igorence.  But what is opus anglicanum and nue work?
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>>When I first started to work opus anglicanum I  used DMC cotten floss.
>>Than I found Ping Ling silk.  This is an 8 ply silk with very little
>>twist.  It is wonderful for split stitch and has a marvolous sheen.  And
>>it is really not that expensive.  It runs between 2.50 & 2.80 a spool.
>>It is put out by Krineck (?).  If you contact them they can put you in
>>contact with stores that sell it.
>>What I did was dedicate 25.00 each month to the purchase of Ping Ling.
>>At the end of a year I had a good palette to work from.  Now I spend
>>about 25.00 every 3 months to replenish my stash.
>>While I think rayon can be a good substitute for silk, I also think it
>>has a harsh shine to it.  The sheen that silk has is very different.
>>Silk also works very differently from rayon.  My advice would be to
>>spend the extra time and money to collect the real thing before starting
>>an opus anglicanum or Or Nue project.  You will be happier in the long
>>run with the finished product.
>>Please excuse my spelling.
>>Valerie Frazier
>>(Letitia de Scotia)
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