HNW - floss substitute-cotton or rayon?

Valerie Frazier frazierv at
Mon May 10 11:29:14 PDT 1999

The best reference that is in print right now is Medieval Embroidery by
Kay Staniland.  It is part of the Medieval Craftsman series.  This gives
a very good overview of embroidery in the medieval period.  I do not
have any more references with me at the moment.  They are all at home.

Unfortunately, there are no patterns for these styles.  I have a friend
who is a good artist and she draws my patterns freehand on linen.   I
have also traced medieval drawings using a light box. 

Valerie Frazier
(Letitia de Scotia) 

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>Are there web sites that have examples of this kind of work?  Or there 
>patterns available for a novice in the area?
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