HNW - Hardanger Embroidery

Curtis & Mary ladymari at
Mon May 10 20:27:53 PDT 1999

> The question, then, becomes "how does one document the use of a less than
> period fabric, when confronted with the prohibitive price of truly period
> fabrics, and justify it in the  face of overly picky judges in a
> competition?"

Even with very picky judges, who gave me low scores for *other* things, I've
never had them fault substituting a modern material for a more expensive period
one, when I've mentioned that was my reason for using it in my documentation.
In fact once when the embroidered champions favor was done in cotton floss on
Aida I wrote in my documentation that I purposely used cotton because I knew it
would stand up to a rough and tumble life on the tourney field and had the
judges applouded my choice.

Mairi, Atenveldt

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