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Jackie Lynch jlynch at
Wed May 12 09:17:11 PDT 1999

I'm afraid this is a bit wider than we normally see on this list, but 
there's some great stuff.  Please email me with any sites, especially 
Anglo-Saxon oriented:

1. Of course, the famous Regina Anglorum site: 
(I just tried this and couldn't get in.  Maybe my url is off?)

2. Atlantia's Kingdom page:
(Very nice)

3. Two good internet bookstores:
 Green Duck Designs (wonderful SCA - ish merchants): 
 Powells (in Portland): 

4. And just cause I have the site: Foot/shoe info: 

5. Haven't checked these general history/British sites recently:
 "British Monarchy" web site:
 Internet Medieval Sourcebook: 
	(includes translated texts)

6. I'm sure everyone has this, but:
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Happy netting!

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