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You asked for it!

Here's a few resources which may be of interest on the Anglo-Saxons. I've 
included the art books because they're a great source of design and the 
costume books because they talk about embelishment. Please email me with 
any good resources you know.


Backes, Magnus and R. Dolling; The Art of the Dark Ages;  1969 in Germany; 
Holle Verlag GnbH, Baden-Baden, in America by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., NY; 
ISBN 8109-9023-1, LC 70-90886.  Mostly continental but excellent for 
anticedents & results.  Scholarly.  Color.  OOP?.

Bronstead, J.; Early English Ornament, the Sources, Development, and 
Relation to Foreign Styles of Pre-Norman Ornamental Art in England;  1924, 
London, Hachette Pub.  OOP.  Do you want to do Anglo-Saxon or British art?  
GET A COPY of this book.

Jessup, Ronald; Anglo Saxon Jewellry; date?; Faber and Faber Ltd., London.  
Probably out of print.  Wonderful reference book.

Nordenfalk, Carl; Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting; 1977; George Braziller, 
Inc.; NY.  Color and B&W prints.  Dated, but prints are very nice.  'Must' 
for an Anglo-Saxon calligrapher or artist.

Wilson, ?; Early Medieval Designs from Britain; For Artists and 
Craftspeople; 1983; Dover; Mineola NY; ISBN 0-486-25340-6.  Another 
artists-must-have book.  Line-drawn period art.  Documentation not the 

Wilson, David M.; Anglo Saxon Art; From the Seventh Century to the Norman 
Conquest; 1984; the Overlook Press; Woodstock, NY.  Pages and pages of 
gorgeous art, much in color.  Have found errors in the text: don't trust.  


Krupp, Christina and Carolyn A. Priest-Dorman; Women's Garb in Northern 
Europe, 450-1000 C.E. ...; January 1992; Complete Anachronist Pamphlet 
Series #59; Society for Creative Anachronism, Milpitas, CA, USA.  Good 
overview.  Haven't found any errors.  Easy read/use pamphlet.

Norris, Herbert; Costume and Fashion, the Evolution of European Dress 
Throughout the Earlier Ages;  1924; E.P. Dutton & Co., NY.  The SCA 
Costumer's Bible.  Although a bit dated, nothing specifically inaccurate 
for Anglo-Saxon costuming.

Owen-Crocker, Gale R.; Dress in Anglo-Saxon England; 1986; Manchester U. 
Press; Manchester, UK.  THE definitive Anglo-Saxon dress book.  
Conservative yet provides very good feel for times.  Excellent reference.

Paxton, Diana L; Germanic Costume From the Early Iron Age to the Viking 
Era;  1992; Greyhaven Costume Series #3, Box 472, Berkeley, CA, 94701.  No 
cat. #s.
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