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Wed May 12 11:23:29 PDT 1999

Just pulled this from Elann ( -- no affiliation except as a
VERY happy customer!  (And with what I have spent with them, likely they
are just as happy with me -- oh, those sale yarns!  Those NON sale yarns!)

NEW BOOK:  Knitting 19th Century Sources
If you love the history of the craft of knitting, and creating designs from
original sources, this book is a must have.  Most of its content consists
of selected segments as originally published by Weldon's Practical
Needlework, one of the more popular English women's magazines of the 19th
century.  There are practical items like stockings, gloves, and underwear,
as well as edgings, borders, veils, shawls, infant and doll clothing. 
Inject some of the richness of the Victorian aesthetic into your knitting! 
Softcover. 160 pages. Lacis Publications. $25.00 USD/ $36.25 CAD*

*Canadian Dollar prices shown are based on an appoximate exchange rate of
1.45 - actual Canadian prices, based on daily exchange rates, are shown at
the website.
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